Let’s remember and honor Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler

I wanted to take a moment to do my small part to honor a warrior and true American hero. Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler was the first American to die in combat in Iraq in four years, and he was a highly decorated Delta Force member who was killed taking part in a joint raid to rescue 70 hostagesContinue reading “Let’s remember and honor Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler”

‘Afghan Storm’ has arrived!

Hey guys! I’m super proud to say that “Afghan Storm” is finally finished and available for purchase! (Well, at least in its ebook version. The paper version will come along in about a week or so.) I can’t possibly explain how proud I am of this book. It is, without question, the best book we’ve everContinue reading “‘Afghan Storm’ has arrived!”

Improving the U.S. military. Some thoughts from two vets…

Being a prior enlisted member of the military, it’s quite common to spout off your views on all things military. From playing Monday morning quarterback regarding current combat operations, to discussing how the Army or Marine Corps could do things better, nearly every enlisted member that I’ve ever met complains and gripes, while also suggesting how thingsContinue reading “Improving the U.S. military. Some thoughts from two vets…”