America: Wake up, you bunch of stupid morons.

Well, if you weren’t challenged enough by the idea of confronting China, then congratulations! We’ll give you something a little more difficult. How about, let’s see, we’re America and we think we’re invincible… Oh, this is good… How about China and Russia, at the same time?! Yes! That’s something that would even make Teddy RooseveltContinue reading “America: Wake up, you bunch of stupid morons.”

Sigh. More news about our build up against China.

Here’s some more news about our build up and shifting focus in regards to the threat (or perceived threat) from China. Best two quotes from the story (or worst two, depending on your perspective): The Dept of Defense needs to “invest in new technologies that will help us build a stronger power projection” in theContinue reading “Sigh. More news about our build up against China.”