Persistence. Life’s most important lesson?

This blogpost really moved me. It’s about a writer chasing their author dream, and I know that may not apply to many of my readers, but the story really lays out one of life’s most important lessons.

And when you read about her love of writing and how it gets tested by companies going bankrupt, opportunities falling through, and her career field losing that shine it started with, I’m confident it will make you think of whatever career you’re in. (And probably struggling with.) And while the easy thing to do is just switch careers or start with something else, this article helps remind you that:

A) You’re probably closing to succeeding than you think.

B) All career fields start out fun until you realize their dirty secrets and shortcomings.

Just one great quote from the article:

It’s persisting in the game after you know what it’s really all about. After the shine wears off. It’s persisting after all your hopes and aspirations bang head first into reality.

Below is the full article. It’s a tad long, but well worth the read! On persistence, and the long con of being a successful writer(Warning, there is some profanity.)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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