Friday NFL update: The brave, the old, and the stupid

Quick NFL update before I head out for a jog and then back for some sweaty Shaolin Kung Fu.

Topic 1:  San Francisco 49ers Running Back Frank Gore said he has no problem with the Saints bounty program, and the fact they called him out to specifically hit and injure.

“When you hear another team call your name, that means respect,” Gore said. “That’s a lot of respect, and you’re doing something right for your team. So it don’t bother me at all.”

I like Gore. Man knows how to handle his biddness.

Topic 2: The New England Patriots, one of my favorite teams, released receiver Chad Ochocinco. No reason on why, but he only caught 15 passes last year, so I’m assuming Bill Belichick figured that was reason enough.

I got to admit I loved some of Ochocinco’s antics in Cincinnati. He changed his name (from Chad Johnson) and had some hilariously touchdown routines. And if you’re playing for Cincinnati, you got to find something to laugh at. (Best of Chad Ochocinco.)

And I respect the fact he dropped that stuff to play with the Patriots. But even more so, I respect the fact Belichick kicked his ass to the curb.

I’d close my business and go work for minimum wage as a water boy to get the chance to be around Belichick’s leadership. The man’s a warrior and a general in the wrong career field.

Topic 3: No one ever said all NFL players are smart. Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams takes the cake at least for this week.

Williams tweeted a photo of his team’s playbook on Friday, saying he has to “learn a new position” to his 10,000 fans. Talk about stupid.

But, of course, this is coming from a guy who’s currently serving a six-game ban for failing a performance-enhancing drug test.

Either he’s too stupid to know it’s illegal, or not able to follow instructions on how to cover up/avoid failing a drug test. Given that he thinks tweeting part of the plays is no big deal, I’m going with the former excuse.

All right, guys. Hit me back with some comments and your thoughts on this stuff. A blog’s supposed to be like an old tavern where folks discuss (and cuss) about the news. If you all don’t start yammering about this some, honest to goodness I’m going to put up another post about China, politics, and national security.

You’ve been warned.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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Who needs John Elway? I’ll take the mob, any day of the week.

I think the Broncos showed a complete lack of class today. Yes, I’m referring to the fact that the team just picked up Peyton Manning and put a knife — and a damn big one, at that — in Tim Tebow’s back.

I’m struggling to remember if this was the first time or the fifth time they’ve done this to him.

So much for giving Tebow a training camp to work through. So much for John Elway saying he’d work with Tebow. So much for letting Tebow keep his starting job. (Seems I remember them taking it from him before… Nah, surely not.)

Anyway, I do hope Peyton called Tim before he decided to make the move. Maybe it’s just me, but it would seem the right thing to do.

You know, just a quick, “Hey, Tim, it’s Peyton. Yeah, well, I’m not really calling about the weather or to talk about your throwing mechanics. Yeah, I’m sorry, man. I just wanted to tell you first that when you get that text from Elway later today, yeah, he’s going to be kicking your ass to the door. Yeah, I know he’s a slick bull shitter without an ounce of integrity, but you heard all his comments last year. He was practically pulling against you. Anyway, I’m sorry man.”

And I hope Peyton laid out all the reasons Denver was the right fit for him, instead of all the other teams that were trying to kill themselves for him.

My gut tells me Peyton did make this call. And my gut tells me you can’t trust John Elway as far as you can throw him.

My final parting thought is this… If I played for the Broncos, I’d go ahead and start looking for a new team. Hell, I’d go ahead and stop by that Italian restaurant with all the well-dressed dudes sitting around. Because while the mob might pay a bit less, I hear they get loyalty. And I hear they get family.

John Elway? Not so much.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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