I’m not the best judge of character… My letter to Donald Trump.

This post is about Donald Trump, but before I go there, let me reinforce this post’s headline: I am not the best judge of character… Not even close.

In 2000, I thought John McCain was the real deal. An honorable man, who I proudly voted for in the Tennessee presidential primary. Now… Hah. Let’s not even go there. The man is such a joke, and I have no idea how he can even pretend to get so upset and act so small. He’s an actor, at best, and not a very good one.

A few years later, I jumped on the John Edwards bandwagon. Here was the man like me: A poor guy of humble beginnings — from the South! — ready to represent the non-frat boy society. My wife of the time, and several other women, told me they thought he was a fraud. That something didn’t feel “right” about him. I thought they were nuts. I was, uh, wrong…

And now to Donald Trump…

I’m such an idiot that I used to respect the hell out of this man. I’ve bought several of his books and have always respected how when he was super in debt — about $180 million if memory serves me correct — he begged and threatened the bankers to loan him more, and he worked his way out of a heck of a hole.

I’d sop up this guy’s business advice like it was gravy, and deep down, I think I wanted to be that respected and (almost) feared with my own business. I wanted to be brilliant, rich, and talked about.

But holy cow how time has changed. Donald went over the top crazy — or maybe he always was — and for years now I’ve watched him act like he knows so much more than everyone else, and it’s completely repulsive. Now, in my defense, when I was all about him, he wasn’t so in the public eye with reality tv shows and interviews like crazy.

But he was still the same jackass, and I still completely missed the clues. And here’s all the proof you need: Check out this complete dick letter he sent in 2004. (Yes! 2004. Back when I thought he was the man…)

Donald Trump’s letter. (Seriously, read this letter. It’s super short and it’s one of the most vile things you can imagine, and it was sent to a guy who’d just taken a pretty serious hit to his confidence, if I had to guess.)

So, Donald, err, Mr. Trump, let me say this publicly on my own little blog… (Wait, I think you’d refer to this blog if our positions were reversed as “my own multi-media platform, which has vast  and deep reach,” and you’d probably refer to yourself if you were in my shoes as an international author of books who owns a major print media company that’s rapidly expanding…)

So, Donald, I’m publicly announcing on my own multi-media platform, which has vast  and deep reach, and as an international author of books who owns a major print media company that’s rapidly expanding, that following letter…

Dear Mr. Trump (aka The Donald),

I think you’re an egotistical piece of shit. You’re an asshole. A joke. A bully.  You’re a man who’s probably never even mixed it up in an alley. And you know what? I regret that in my life of quite a few regrets, one of them is that I pumped about $80 or $90 worth of book revenue in your direction. As if your bank account or certainly your ego needed it.

And I regret I once used to watch the Apprentice, looking for — gasp! — business advice.

Granted, I’m a little slow, but my memory runs long, so don’t expect my feelings to change.

I know I once signed up for some of your business advice newsletters. You haven’t sent out any in years — another one of your business “successes,” I’m sure — but don’t bother sending me any in the future, if you ever restart them.

I assure you that you’ve taught me more about business than you’ll ever know, and I’ll take the many lessons on how you’ve acted and operated through the past couple of decades and do everything I can to make sure I never repeat those mistakes.


Chump who’s easily fooled…

*     *    *    *    *

Keep moving,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give, a book I believe to be worth $10,000.

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