The latest on Book 3 of the Nick Woods series

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Friday! Just a quick update on my end.  I am editing, editing, editing like crazy on my next book, “Afghan Storm“, which we’re supposed to have done Oct. 1. So glad my lovely wife Danah​ has done so much to help this book (including rewrites!), and that Emily Akin​Continue reading “The latest on Book 3 of the Nick Woods series”

Some pretty big news, and a big thanks to my supporters

So, members of Mitchell’s Militia. I’m kind of on Cloud 9 right now and I felt like I had to share it since you guys are completely the reason for it — and for some reason are tagging along with me on this journey. Just a bit ago, I was getting in some much needed relaxing, and doing someContinue reading “Some pretty big news, and a big thanks to my supporters”

Some impressive writing from Robert B. Parker

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while is post some impressive writing that I come across. You know, the kind that makes you go, wo-ah, and yank out an ink pen and start underlining. These posts on great writing will come in no particular order, and just because this is first, doesn’tContinue reading “Some impressive writing from Robert B. Parker”