Best tweets of the week, 9/12/14

As my regular readers know, I’m always trying to combat the cynicism that mostly consumes our country (and world?). And Twitter, for all its faults, provides a decent daily nourishment if you know where to look. And since most of you probably aren’t on Twitter, I thought I’d share some pretty good Tweets from theContinue reading “Best tweets of the week, 9/12/14”

What’s with the Nazi “SS” symbol on Nick’s chest? And why is he so unlikable?

“Sold Out” earned a great review the other day. See it here: And while we’re on the subject of “Sold Out,”I thought I’d address two recent complaints I’ve recently received about the book. The first and most serious one concerned the Nazi “SS” symbol on Nick’s chest. Well, the Nazi “SS” symbol isn’t something I madeContinue reading “What’s with the Nazi “SS” symbol on Nick’s chest? And why is he so unlikable?”

John Elway lies again

Just saw this story: And in it, John Elway again spews the bullshit. Even the article practically calls him a liar. Damn, John, can you not just tell the truth at least for once? Can you not look Tim Tebow, the public,  and your players in the eyes and state the truth for justContinue reading “John Elway lies again”