Why you should be following Lebron, too…

A quick follow up to the Lebron post from yesterday. My friend Jeff Haws made the following comment on facebook after seeing the link to my post: “Been rooting for him since he was in high school, through Cleveland, through “The Decision,” through Miami and now back to Cleveland again. I want to witness Greatness, toContinue reading “Why you should be following Lebron, too…”

Why I shouldn’t watch Lebron James and the Miami Heat

Today was a disappointing afternoon of sports watching. I typically don’t watch professional basketball unless Michael Jordan is playing, or Lebron James. And since I can’t stand Lebron James, that means of late I’ve only been watching to pull against him and the Heat. And as most of you know, the Indiana Pacers ended upContinue reading “Why I shouldn’t watch Lebron James and the Miami Heat”