Are we sure we want to do this? Some tough questions about our national security.

This story today — U.S. to Expand Security Role in Pacific Region — reminded me that I’ve been meaning to say for the past few months that I think a discussion is way overdue about our future security plans as a country.

I think there are some legitimate — and intimidating — questions that need to be asked and answered. Like, for instance:

  • How much will it cost us as a country to continue as a global power over the next twenty years? How about over the next fifty? And why is this necessary given our oceans and non-threatening neighbors?
  • Are we willing — following two long, hard ones — to jump into another war if necessary?
  • How about two? (Iran? Syria? North Korea? China?)
  • Can we win a long-term military build-up contest with China? Yes, we beat the Soviets, but their economy doesn’t compare. Furthermore, I sense fatigue (and weakness) across our land.

These are just a few of the questions I have, but I don’t expect them to be asked and certainly not answered. Our military industrial complex is too strong — and our fear as a people too high — to even consider such talk.

So, go ahead and call me weak or soft for even throwing them out there. I expect nothing less.

But, deep down, you might want to think about them because if you don’t, I assure you no one else will.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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