Some pretty big news, and a big thanks to my supporters

So, members of Mitchell’s Militia. I’m kind of on Cloud 9 right now and I felt like I had to share it since you guys are completely the reason for it — and for some reason are tagging along with me on this journey. Just a bit ago, I was getting in some much needed relaxing, and doing someContinue reading “Some pretty big news, and a big thanks to my supporters”

Winter is coming, but you don’t have to despair

My friends and supporters know that I’m so dang close to getting Mexican Heat down. (For those who don’t know, Mexican Heat is the sequel to Sold Out.) And for probably two or three weeks now, I’ve been telling my beta readers and close writing friends that it would be done… “Probably in a dayContinue reading “Winter is coming, but you don’t have to despair”

Where I’ve been the past few weeks

I apologize for the lack of posting the past couple of weeks. This past week, and the weekend and week prior to it, I worked an insane amount. Basically, I worked two weeks straight including most nights during that time as we closed out our high school graduation special section at the newspaper that DanahContinue reading “Where I’ve been the past few weeks”