The cover comes together

As I mentioned below, I’ve spent much of the weekend finalizing my book. It’s insane how much time I’ve spent working on the formatting, putting in an interactive table of contents, and researching how best to upload it so that it works on all the various versions of Kindle and other ebooks. It’s no wonder most authors either skip this step or pay someone to do it.

Trust me, it’s not fun. But, I intend to sell more than a dozen copies of my ebook, and also charge more than .99 cents. So, if you want to pull off these two things, then you sweat the details.

But, I’m nearly done, and Danah’s about got the cover smoked. We used some artwork we found online to get the gist of what we were looking for, and then we took photos of me in various poses that she will distort and eventually make look awesome.

And yes, I know I’m not wearing a cowboy hat, but Danah just needed something approximate that she can distort. And we thought this jacket was probably the oldest looking style jacket that we had. So, below are the original shots, and I’ll upload the cover as soon as we get ‘er done.

You won’t believe the magic she can pull off from these shots. And you definitely won’t believe the cover she has designed.