Tim Tebow, the Bachelor, and some props for me

So the internets is going wild with rumors that Tim Tebow will star on the┬áBachelor — yeah, that show; the one where loser dudes who are tall, built, and successful go to find love since despite their qualities, they can’t find a soul mate. (Yo, losers? Here’s a clue: It’s called the internet. There areContinue reading “Tim Tebow, the Bachelor, and some props for me”

My book, now available in paperback

All right guys, you can now get my book (Little Man, and the Dixon County War) in paperback form. I hadn’t planned on printing it, since I really wanted to get my next two novels finished — both are action/adventure and will appeal to a larger audience, plus they’re nearly done. But, the book hasContinue reading “My book, now available in paperback”

J.A. Konrath — an author you want to know

I just finished two great books, from a new author (for me) that I hadn’t heard of. His name is J.A. Konrath, and he writes like a buzz saw. Sharp. Loud. And scary. The first I read was “Shot of Tequila.” It’s without question one of the best books I’ve read in at least aContinue reading “J.A. Konrath — an author you want to know”