What a feeling

So, it’s 2:12 a.m. as I start this post, and I’m absolutely exhausted. I had a brutal deadline tonight and probably wrote roughly 4,000 words for my newspaper — more than normal — and, of course, worked about 15 hours at my regular job today — not more than normal — but I still couldn’tContinue reading “What a feeling”

The cover comes together

As I mentioned below, I’ve spent much of the weekend finalizing my book. It’s insane how much time I’ve spent working on the formatting, putting in an interactive table of contents, and researching how best to upload it so that it works on all the various versions of Kindle and other ebooks. It’s no wonderContinue reading “The cover comes together”

Update on book progress

I spent more than six hours tonight formatting my book for the Kindle, and I’m still not close to being done. I may be halfway done. Maybe. Meanwhile, Danah, who’s an awesome artist with a background in animation and design, moved and shifted all kinds of fonts, shapes, and graphics as she worked on theContinue reading “Update on book progress”