A conversation about House of Cards, Season 3

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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My thoughts on Kony 2012

So, I finally sat down and watched the entire 30-minute-long youtube video on Kony 2012. Wow, where to begin. Lots to say, so let’s begin.

First thought: Holy shit, that’s powerful.

Second thought: The Director Jason Russell is good. Deadly, even.

Third thought: Thirty minutes is too long. Should have had at least five or ten minutes cut out of it.

Fourth thought: I’m in. I’m going to donate and help make this happen.

Fifth thought: What an awesome world we live in where a video can go viral and literally help change the world.

Sixth thought: I’m so moved and angry that I want America to send more troops and hunt this bastard down.

Seventh thought: Easy, Stan. Big hearts lead to dead Americans. Think Somalia in the 90s, when our humanitarian mission launched by President Bush shifted in classic mission creep from protecting supplies to getting actively engaged, and losing some damn good men in the process.

Eighth thought: Don’t be completely cynical, Stan. Surely something must be done.

Ninth thought: And furthermore, capturing the #1 listed war criminal in the world helps set a precedent and deter other war criminals.

Tenth thought: President Obama nailed it. Sending 100 advisers, who aren’t to actively engage in combat, is a great moderate approach to taking this thug down.

Eleventh thought: Thank you, Jason Russell. Your 30-minute movie and tireless efforts have helped improve the world. We need more optimists like you.

Twelfth thought: When I watched this last night, 58 million people had seen it. As I’m posting this, it’s up to 66 million. Maybe five or ten minutes didn’t need to be cut.

Thirteenth and final thought: Even though this is something that should unify us as a country, both Democrats and Republicans will find a way to make this political and use it to assail the other side and further divide us.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.