What is an action fiction author?

Great question. And I’m not even sure I know the answer.

An action fiction author is a term I made up as I was first trying to market myself almost ten years ago. Let me explain.

For me, there’s not much more that I love than a great book.

But so danged many of them move slow; or nothing happens in them. Just description, and more description, and then something small occurs — finally! — toward the end of the book.

I know that’s what some people love, and if that’s what you love, you probably won’t like my books. Soldier On, a beautiful story about the close of World War II, is the closest thing I’ve ever written that comes close to literature.

But most of my books have action in them. Characters fight. Bullets fly. People fall. (And not just physically; I’ve got quite a bit of love — and heartbreak — in my books.)

So, if you’re looking for a fast-moving, action-packed book, give any one of mine a try. I think you’ll enjoy them. (Seventy thousand people can’t be wrong.)

You can find all of my books here: amazon.com(Commissions earned from links.) 

Oh, and don’t forget, all ten books support a vet, and pretty cool dude. You can quote me on that.