Vince Flynn

You’ll notice that I sign off my blog posts with the term, “Keep the faith.”

I do this as a way to honor Vince Flynn, who is by far one of my favorite authors. In fact, he tops the list. In my mind, I believe he’s one of the greatest authors of the past hundred years in the political thriller genre. And frankly, I think he’s high up the list of greatest authors period for the past hundred years.

And his death had a profound effect on me. (Read my tribute.)

And so as a small way to honor him (and spread the word of his incredible works), I use the words Keep The Faith, which he used to say often, according to his family. (Quick sidenote: I first asked a direct family member to confirm that me signing off as such would be okay. She readily agreed.)

Here’s my tribute about this legendary author, and you can get more information about him at his official website and from the Wikipedia entry about him.

Finally, here is by far the best video I’ve found of him. It’s a speech he gave at the Reagan Library and even though it’s an hour long, it’s epic and a definite “must watch” if you’re a Vince Flynn fan.