About the author

Stan R. Mitchell loves to write. (You can find all of his books at this link.)

And here’s all that you really need to know about him: he’s a super picky reader. He hates slow books. And he’s super ambitious, with his sights set on the very top of the fiction world.

Some of his favorite authors and influences are Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy, and Stephen King.

He once owned a business.

He once was an infantry Marine.

And here’s a piece of fiction that he wrote for you to sample. Hopefully, it’s both powerful and inspiring: The dreamer’s lament.

Oh, you’re still here? Well, here are some random photos proving he can speak and hold his own. (He loves Shoalin Kung Fu and other styles of martial arts, such as Isshinryu Karate.)

  • Stan Mitchell