About the author

Hi! My name is Stan R. Mitchell and I love to write fast-paced fiction for my fans! (You can find all of my books here.)

I’m also a super picky reader. I hate slow books, and I’m super ambitious, with my sights set on the very top of the fiction world. (Writers are crazy, and I’m crazier than most.)

Some of my favorite authors and influences are Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Robert B. Parker, and Stephen Hunter. If you enjoy reading them, then more than likely you’ll enjoy my writing.

I once owned a weekly newspaper, for nearly ten years. It was thrilling, exciting, and terrifying, all at the same time.

I once was an infantry Marine. It was also thrilling, exciting, and terrifying, all at the same time.

P.S. I love Wing Chun, Shaolin Kung Fu, and other styles of martial arts, such as Isshinryu Karate.

I’m not sure what else you all want to know, so I’ll just share my official author biography below:

WRITING RECORD: Stan R. Mitchell penned his first story at the age of nine. It described the courageous story of four young Native American men, who fought a valiant campaign against encroaching white settlers, after their village chief capitulated and signed a lop-sided, unfair peace treaty. The tale spanned more than twenty pages, and Mitchell has been writing thrillers ever since that day. Following a military stint (see below), Mitchell raced off to college to major in English literature. He felt certain this would propel his writing to higher levels and advance his writing career. Instead, he learned he despised most literature (excluding Steinbeck and Hemingway), and needed to adjust his academic plans. Mitchell would go on to excel in the University of Tennessee’s journalism program, earning the Kelly Leiter Scholarship for academic excellence and professional promise in March 2001. After graduation, Mitchell published thousands of newspaper articles over the next decade, honing his writing skills during the day in the newsroom, while still hammering away on several novels during the late hours of night. He would exit the field of journalism to become an author in 2012, publishing his break-out novel “Sold Out,” which tells the story of a retired Marine sniper, whose life is turned upside down. The explosive sales of “Sold Out” prompted Audible to sign a multi-book deal. Since that launch, Mitchell has drawn up more than a dozen stories. Several of these are in the publishing pipeline and will be released soon.

MILITARY HISTORY: Mitchell entered the Marine Corps in 1995. He insisted his contract guarantee him the MOS of infantry, and nearly joined the Army after the Marine recruiter claimed no infantry slots were available. After boot camp at Parris Island, Mitchell would serve all four years with Alpha Co., 1st Battalion, 8th Marines. Military peacetime highlights included: selection as Marine of the Quarter for the entire 2d Marine Division in the 4th Quarter of 1997; Honor Graduate of Corporal’s Course in December 1998; promotion to Sergeant in less than four years in 1999 (no small accomplishment in the infantry). Additionally, Mitchell earned a Combat Action Ribbon in 1997 while serving in Albania, where his unit helped evacuate more than 900 civilians who were in harm’s way (Operation Silver Wake.) Besides this mission into harm’s way, his platoon also served as the Covering Force for a Force Recon team, which deployed with the 26th MEUSOC. In addition to working for a year with Force Recon, his platoon also had the privilege to operate with the Navy SEALs, training for Direct Action missions and practicing fast roping and ship takedowns.

Mitchell lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, and enjoys writing, lifting weights, and martial arts.

Oh, one final thing. Here’s a piece of fiction that’s hopefully both powerful and inspiring: The dreamer’s lament.

Just don’t forget. Writers are crazy, and I’m crazier than most.