Writer. Author. Infantry Marine.

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Stan Mitchell

Mitchell served four years on active duty in the Marine Corps, spending his time in the infantry. Here, he’s pictured in the Mojave Desert in 1997. Mitchell earned a Combat Action Ribbon in Albania in 1997.

Stan R. Mitchell writes fast-paced, action-packed books. Scenes fly by. Bullets snap. People die. Good guys hurt bad guys.

Mitchell has honed his writing craft into a blistering-paced formula that readers have come to love. And his formula has worked. Already, he’s sold more than 70,000 books since launching his career in 2012. To date, he’s published eight books.

A former newspaper journalist, Mitchell used to have to cram long stories into short sections of newsprint. He learned more than ten years ago how to cut the fat off a story, and he still to this day doesn’t believe in wasting time or space. (Not your time. And certainly not his time.)

Most people say his books read like movies, and even people who say they don’t “like to read” usually find themselves hooked on his books.

Prior to his 10-plus years in the journalism business, Mitchell spent four years in 1st Battalion, 8th Marines. He not only inhaled about every action book out there — hey, he spent a lot of time stuck in the woods or in the cargo holds of too many ships a

Stan File Photo New

nd planes to count — he also earned a Combat Action Ribbon. Mitchell served in the infantry all four years of his active duty career, plus two more in the Reserves. Best of all, his platoon also got to work with the highly elite Marine Force Recon for nearly one year.  All of this experience has contributed to his knowledge of warfare and the small-unit fights you read about in his books.

You won’t find inaccuracies like you find with so many other authors who have never served. Mitchell has been there and done that. And his writing shows it.

Trust us, his books rock. Give one a try from here: .