My name is Stan R. Mitchell and I write fast-paced novels.

No, I mean blistering fast. With great suspense & twists.

To date, I’ve written ten books.

You can find them here:

I’m also a prior Marine, who earned the Combat Action Ribbon.

More about Stan R. Mitchell:


— Prior infantry Marine, who earned the rank of Sergeant and a Combat Action Ribbon in 1997.

— 10+ plus years in print journalism, 20+ years of creative writing.

— Student of great fiction. Hater of slow-moving plots.


“Mitchell’s writing style is sharp, snappy, cinematic, and impacts with the trauma of a hollowpoint to the head.” — Author Mark Allen


Mitchell tackles his writing with skill that will blow you away. He’s had thousands of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and all of his books average 4+ stars on Amazon.


If you are looking for a great military thriller, start here:

Sold Out (Nick Woods Book 1) by [Stan R. Mitchell]

If you are looking for a great detective novel, start here:

Take Down (Detective Danny Acuff 1) by [Stan R. Mitchell, Jaime Reyes]

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