Me, firing an H&K UMP45. Because I didn’t know police procedures as well as I knew military tactics, I attended a 10-week citizens’ police academy in 2016. We learned everything from finger-printing to investigation techniques, and I think the course really helped me with my detective book, “Take Down.” Accuracy in my books is crucial to me.

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I love writing fast-paced thrillers, and it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a young kid.

I used to love to read, but found most of the books I read to be boring and slow moving. Thus, I’ve always made it a point of pride to write tight books that race forward at a rapid pace and stay super exciting.

There’s always lots of action and you’ll usually find yourself saying, “I’m just going to read one more chapter before I turn the light off.” (The chapters are also usually short, so I get you there, too!)

Though I’ve also tried to write in the manner described above, I really began mastering writing in such a tight manner from ten-plus years as a print journalist, where you’re forced to take long articles and cut them down to almost nothing.

Besides being a halfway decent writer, I also know guns and tactics, having served four years as an infantryman in the Marine Corps. You won’t find mistakes about guns or how things are in real life, as you so often do in other books that have been written by people who’ve never served or seen action.

Readers have, thankfully, compared my works to James Patterson, Vince Flynn, and Lee Child — three of my favorite authors. So if you like them, you’ll more than likely enjoy my work.

I have four military action books, a police detective novel, a Western, and a World War II short novel told from the Germany perspective.

If you’re prior military, I recommend you start my Marine Corps sniper series about Nick Woods, which starts with the first book, Sold Out (Nick Woods, No. 1).” 

If you enjoy mysteries/detective books, I recommend you start with “Take Down, Detective Danny Acuff, 1-6.

If you loved “Lonesome Dove,” “Appaloosa,” or the movies “Tombstone” or “Django Unchained,” then take a look at Little Man, and the Dixon County War.” Note: This is not your typical Western. It’s a fast-moving, high body count thriller, set in the Wild West. Tons of action. Screaming-fast pace. And even a love story wound in it to boot.

Finally, if you’re looking for a grueling World War II short novel, full of pain and suffering (and what it’s really like to be an infantryman), check out “Soldier On.