My name is Stan R. Mitchell, and I write exciting, fast-paced thrillers. Both military action and mystery whodunnits. I’ve written ten books to date, and been really fortunate to have sold more than 70,000 books. If you’re one of those readers, thank you.

Some of my favorite authors and influences are Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Robert B. Parker, and Stephen Hunter. If you enjoy reading them, then more than likely you’ll enjoy my writing.

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Besides writing books, I also share great writing (from others) on my website. I love writing and I love reading, and I want to spread that passion that I have for the written word as much as I can. So, even if you don’t enjoy my writing, please consider subscribing to the site and you can enjoy some great writing on a regular basis. I consider myself a student of the written word, and I love chewing on, and pondering at length, the order in which great writers have arranged (and selected) their words.

Detective Danny Acuff, the series. 

You really need to meet Danny Acuff, a badass detective and prior Force Recon Marine. Danny is 6-3 and 240 pounds of chiseled muscled, who used to play linebacker.

Not many people mess with Danny, but when he starts investigating a very suspicious company, that changes. He’ll soon find himself tangling with big boys from the hills and a couple of bad-ass Special Forces men. Cops die and blood flows.

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More about Stan R. Mitchell:


— Prior infantry Marine, who earned the rank of Sergeant and a Combat Action Ribbon in 1997.

— 10+ plus years in print journalism, 20+ years in creative writing.

— Student of great fiction. Hater of slow-moving plots.


“Mitchell’s writing style is sharp, snappy, cinematic, and impacts with the trauma of a hollowpoint to the head.” — Author Mark Allen


Mitchell tackles multiple genres with the skill and touch of an experienced author. He writes political and mystery thrillers that simply won’t let you go, selling more than 70,000 books to date. He’s had thousands of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and all of his books average 4+ stars on Amazon.

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