Fast-moving, action-packed thrillers, which grab you.

Ten Books Published.
70,000 copies sold.

My name is Stan R. Mitchell, and if you like Tom Clancy, Lee Child, or Vince Flynn, then I’m your man.

  • Prior infantry Marine, who earned the rank of Sergeant and a Combat Action Ribbon in 1997. 
  • 10+ plus years in print journalism, 20+ years in creative writing.
  • Student of great fiction. Hater of slow-moving plots.
Track record

“Mitchell’s writing style is sharp, snappy, cinematic, and impacts with the trauma of a hollowpoint to the head.”

— Author Mark Allen



Mitchell tackles multiple genres with the skill and touch of an experienced author. He writes political and mystery thriller that simply won’t let you go. All of his books average 4+ stars on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a fun ride, give one a try here: amazon.com.

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