No. 16 in the Top 100?!

My novel Little Man, and the Dixon County War hit No. 16 last night on the Amazon UK Paid list. There it sat, for about an hour, between a Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey book . It dropped to No. 20 after that, but still!

I’m still trying to pinch myself to see if this is real. (It is, and I grabbed screen shots — see here and here — so that I had some evidence for all my friends who won’t believe me.)

The book’s been as high as No. 28 on the Amazon UK Paid List before, but to hit 16 just seems so much more impressive.

Anyway, thanks to everyone in the UK for sharing the word about the book.

I’ll soon have the paperback version ready for sale — I originally didn’t plan to do this since it’s so much effort and I’d rather be finishing my next novel, but the book’s selling so well that I changed my mind.

I’ve done all the formatting, margin changes, and Danah created a full wrap around cover, so I’m down to re-proofing every single page on the draft copy mailed to me. Then, I’ll go live with it.

Since it will cost more, I want it to be absolutely perfect. And hey, I’ll be able to send out signed copies since I’ve apparently got some fans out there — at least in the UK!

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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