Part 1 of “My time in the Corps.”

Hey, guys! Here’s Part 1 of “My time in the Corps.” It’s a series I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so here’s the first episode. I’m hoping these prove to be some quick stories that are enjoyable, and which provide some lessons for both the Marine Corps and life in general. (At theContinue reading “Part 1 of “My time in the Corps.””

The happy secret to better work

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to share this pretty incredible video I came across, called “The happy secret to better work.” Let’s just say it makes a few brilliant points, and I certainly took some notes from it. Hope it helps propel you forward in your life, as well! Keep theContinue reading “The happy secret to better work”

Could this be the most motivating Marine Corps speech of all time?

Nearly one year ago, I intended to post this speech by Gen. Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis. But in the stress and worry of closing our business and trying to find employment, I somehow saved the link as a “draft blog post” and never finished writing it. I crossed its path today and re-reading one year later, theContinue reading “Could this be the most motivating Marine Corps speech of all time?”