About me

Stan -- updated shotHello! And welcome to my site! Not sure how you got here, but thanks for stopping by!

My name is Stan R. Mitchell and I’m an author who writes action fiction. (Yeah, I know. Same as about three hundred other guys and gals out there. Maybe even a thousand.)

Perhaps the most important thing to know about me is that I’m crazy, I’m motivated, and I’m driven.

Honestly, I’m not stupid. I know the chances of me making it big-time as an author are probably less than .001 percent, but I’m still nuts enough to think I can achieve it through sheer willpower and hard work.

And in truth, my whole life I’ve been pretty much nuts. (You have to be when you’re as small and poor as I was.)

I left for the Marine Corps at 17, demanding to be infantry (and smart enough — or stupid enough — to get that in writing…).

After getting out as a Sergeant and earning a journalism degree at the University of Tennessee, I spent a few years as a daily reporter before launching a weekly newspaper at the age of 27. With just $20,000… (Stupid, I know.)

And nine years after that dream went down the drain, I’m pretty much convinced I can make it big as a writer.

Stan Mitchell

Again, statistically, this will never happen. But I have been writing fiction since I was ten and I have some strong supporters — especially my wife, Danah, who helps me in all aspects of my career.

Furthermore, I have the most spectacular attribute! Without question, I’m honestly a little dense and stupid and stubborn, and these traits have served me well, teaching me to never give up. To be a little hard of hearing when someone says “no” or “you can’t” or “that’s impossible.”

Thankfully, I do have at least some talent to go with my ton of drive, and a few readers have completely flattered me by comparing my books to Vince Flynn, Lee Child, and Stephen Hunter, three of my favorite authors.

So, if you enjoy reading them, you just might like my stuff. I’ve written three books to date. (With about 30 in various stages, but you know how that goes…) Learn more about them here.

If you want a short bio about me, here’s the lowdown… I’m a prior 9-year entrepreneur and infantry Marine who earned a Combat Action Ribbon as part of Operation Silver Wake in 1997.

Stan Mitchell

The main things I enjoy doing these days are writing action thrillers, practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, and studying Eastern philosophy.

You can see my novels and a longer bio about my service in the Marine Corps on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1brrc37.

Need to contact me? Please e-mail me at the following address.

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Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. You might be thinking, “Stan, what in the world gives you such an insane drive? What makes you so crazy?”

Well, part of it is an inner-city school thing. You face so many obstacles and temptations growing up in an inner city that if you’re lucky enough to break free from it all, you’ll find yourself intensely confident that you can do whatever you set your mind to. (Plus, growing up without money makes you desire the security it provides more than you can possibly explain.)

A second part of my insane drive stems from the Marine Corps. The Corps injected into me a lot of something — not sure what — but most people just call it brain washing. The Marine Corps taught me I can do whatever I set my mind to if I’m just crazy enough to never give up and outwork those around me, so I adhere to this philosophy wholeheartedly. Most people think Marines are crazy, and I won’t disagree that I fall into this category. (Let me add, though, that I’m very thankful that I do.)


Finally, I mentioned above that I love to study Eastern Philosophy and Shaolin Kung Fu. This heavy mental and physical training gives me loads of belief and energy. And on that note, I want to quote just a few things from some of the Eastern Philosophy that I’ve studied, in the hopes that it might help you. (The following quotes come from the once-secret book titled, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai, which was written back in the early 1700′s.)

And in that book, you’ll find the following passages:

  • “Even if you begin without talent, you can become great if you imitate a good model and put forth enormous effort.”
  • “Emulate the best behaviors of those around you.”
  • “In military affairs, a man must always strive to outstrip others.” <— I’m applying this to fiction writing.
  • “In the stories of the elder warriors, it is said that on the battlefield, if one wills himself to outstrip warriors of accomplishment, and day and night hopes to strike down a powerful enemy, he will grow indefatigable and fierce of heart and manifest courage. One should use this principle in everyday affairs, too.”
  • “It is spiritless to think that you cannot attain what you have seen and heard others attain. The masters are men. You are also a man. If you think you will be inferior, then you are well on your way.”

And the following quotes are from The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior’s Way. I highly recommend this book, as it’s without question the greatest book I’ve ever received (after the Bible, which you already know about).

  • “Getting your body and mind right can affect your whole life.”
  • “Think you are handsome and beautiful. If you have a negative outlook about yourself, you’ll definitely fail.”
  • “The more chi you put into your life, the more you’ll get out of it.”
  • “Nothing is difficult or easy in itself. We make it difficult or easy with our attitude. If you don’t want to do it, then nothing is easy.”
  • “Strong body, strong mind. Weak body, weak mind.”
  • “You create your own life. You make it heaven or hell. Destiny is not something that happens to you. You make your own destiny.”
  • “A foolish person wishes for good things to happen to them, but fortune, success, and happiness rarely just fall in your lap. You must grasp your life and sharpen it.”
  • “Confidence is the most important key to success in all areas of your life. Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. If you lack self-confidence, you can’t get the job done. You will find it difficult to succeed in any endeavor. Face your day today with the confidence that you can handle any task, solve any problem, overcome any obstacle!”