Me and Stephen Hunter?!

Wow, is it embarrassing being on video…

At any rate, it was time. (Actually, it’s been time.)

Please don’t be harsh in the comments!

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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 If you enjoy fast-paced books, you just might like my works. “Sold Out” tracks the life of a legendary Marine Sniper after a CIA unit decides to kill him for reasons of national security. “Little Man, and the Dixon County War” tells the uphill fight a young deputy faces after finding himself in the sights of a mighty cattle baron. And “Soldier On,” a short novel, follows the lives of several German soldiers in a depleted infantry company trying to make it through the final, miserable months of World War II.

19 thoughts on “Me and Stephen Hunter?!

  1. Awesome! Pretty Darn good for your first video … And I some how knew you had that whole southern drawl going on lol


  2. Ok 1. That was awesome 2. That was awesome and 3. That was awesome. The video was great and you did a good job for a first video! And congrats for the book!!! I am ALWAYS checking out that bar if I am going to purchase something. So, woohoo for you!


    1. Thanks, Stacy!!! You always help me boost my confidence!

      And I’m glad to hear that you check those “also bought” bars, too. I’ll bet a lot of people do, I imagine. (And they’re usually pretty dadgone dead on for good recommendations. I’ve discovered so many new authors that way…)


  3. I was out in the garage Sunday morning, and as normal had the radio on. Started paying attention to the conversation that was going on, and realized that the topic of conversation was Stephen Hunter’s latest book, “Sniper’s Honor”. I then realized that one of the voices that I was hearing was Mr. Hunter’s. He sounds like a Yankee! Still waiting on that next book, get back to work!. As always, SF.


    1. Interesting. You know, for him to be from up north (I’m assuming), he sure does an AMAZING job describing a hard-as-leather, stubborn Southern man…

      And I promise you, “Mexican Heat” will be worth the wait. Oh my word… The amount of action and dead bodies in that book?! Holy cow. I aimed to write something as epic as possible, and I think I might have come close to it.

      I was telling Danah, as she was suggesting maybe cutting out one of the action scenes, that it hit me that this book will be a lot like a Clancy book, but with probably 10x more action and about double (honestly, at least triple) the pace. We’ll see. I’m pretty pumped about it though…


      1. Yes he does. “He looked around and saw a man wading across the river. He was tall and rangy and tan, beardless now, in blue jeans and a tired blue denim shirt. He wore a baseball cap that said RAZORBACKS on it. He had harsh, gray, squirrel-shooter’s eyes, unmirthful, focused, unafraid. His mouth was grim. He was quite tall. He carried a fat-barreled Remington 700 rifle with about a yard of scope atop it. He carried it like a man who knew a little something about rifles. He walked up to Nick. “Mornin’, Pork’ said Bob the Nailer” If I go into a bookstore, anywhere, I find the H’s, locate Point of Impact and find that segment. I got those same feelings with Sold Out. I anxiously await.


        1. I so remember that scene. Have probably read it six or eight times.

          And you blow me away with your comments about “Sold Out!” Not even close to being true — I could only dream of being at that level — but I assure you I’ll be copying and pasting that into a “Confidence” file that I created a couple of years ago. (The idea came from a Navy Seal book that I read and I try my best to re-read past compliments that I’ve saved in this file when I’m down or doubting myself.)

          All about reprogramming our brains, right my friend?

          (Strong mind. Strong body. Weak mind. Weak body.)

          Oh, and you better brace yourself. “Mexican Heat” not only has tons of gun fights. There’s also a decent amount of hand-to-hand and — wait for it… — sword play. No shit. One of the bad guys is a little martial arts freak who likes to play with a Katana.

          Oh, man, you’re so going to love this book. If there’s one person that loves it, it’ll be you. (And, of course, me.) And if no one else likes it, we’ll just eat popcorn and talk about it all day! lol


          1. I like the idea about the “Confidence” file. We all need a shot of that every now and then, even us Jarheads. And I started reading “Sold Out” again, in preparation for the new book, can’t wait. And I’ve got the feeling that we’ll not be the only two that like it, if that’s the case then there is no hope for the rest of the world. We anxiously await! SF.


            1. Wow, Mike. You have no idea how much your comments (both this one and the one above) mean to me.

              I shared the one above with Danah, and today, I was going to just get away from the editing and write some on another Afghanistan book, but your comment so motivated me that I’m going to tackle the editing that I NEED to be doing.

              I’m just so glad our paths crossed. You’re like a cornerman, throwing water over my head and slapping me in the face to get back in there when I trudge over at the end of a round, all bloody and exhausted…


              1. In my best Mickey Goldmill voice, “You call yourself a fighter? You call yourself a Marine? Get back in there, life’s to short kid!”


  4. Great video! Feels great, hearing and seeing my Son on video. Always knew he had it in him to be a great author and reporter at the same time. So proud of you! Keep up the great work!


  5. Nice work, Stan! I know the first video is the hardest and each time figuring out lighting and angles, even silly things like clothing, can be challenging. It’s a great way to connect with readers though. : )


    1. Thanks, Britt! And that was my thought. There are some folks I’ve come across by video and I just find myself connecting with them on a much deeper level. You really can’t fake being yourself.


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