Marine Corps named most prestigious branch of service in America

So, distinguished members of Mitchell’s Militia… It appears the Marine Corps has once again earned a noteworthy ranking… No, this time, the Marine Corps was not ranked the worst branch to join… (See: Marine Corps ranked worst service branch to join, and I love it.) Rather, it was named the most prestigious.

Let’s not forget the Coast Guard…

Recently, I crossed paths with CWO3 William H. RaVell III, a retired Chief Warrant Officer from the United States Coast. Besides being a great guy to get to know, RaVell has been pointing out to me several instances of where the Coast Guard has been overlooked in tributes to military service. (And since he’s pointed this outContinue reading “Let’s not forget the Coast Guard…”

Marine Corps ranked worst service branch to join, and I love it

This article on Yahoo written by Ron Johnson completely made my day. The writer was asked to rank best military branch to serve in. He ranks them as: Army Air Force Navy Coast Guard Marine Corps (Worst Military Branch)