The latest news on the Nick Woods series

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! Wanted to give you a quick update on the Nick Woods series. I’m nearly finished writing the next book, which would be the fourth in the series. Nick and the members of Shield, Safeguard, and Shelter (S3) deploy to Nigeria to tangle with Boko Haram in the fourth installmentContinue reading “The latest news on the Nick Woods series”

Honoring two veterans on Memorial Day; add your special name, too.

Hey guys, Since it’s Memorial Day, I wanted to honor two special people who gave their lives in service of our country. The first one was a big reason I ended up joining the Marine Corps. Bobby Fisher, who retired as a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps, was a man I looked up toContinue reading “Honoring two veterans on Memorial Day; add your special name, too.”

‘Afghan Storm’ has arrived!

Hey guys! I’m super proud to say that “Afghan Storm” is finally finished and available for purchase! (Well, at least in its ebook version. The paper version will come along in about a week or so.) I can’t possibly explain how proud I am of this book. It is, without question, the best book we’ve everContinue reading “‘Afghan Storm’ has arrived!”